2 June 2014

Chanel Pre Spring Summer 2015!

For those who haven't yet guessed, I am rather a fan of Chanel. The weaves...the patterning...the pink! Today's post is, therefore, a quick browse through the latest collection, looking quite a way into the future now- with the sun only just arriving here in the not-quite-London-but-basically-London bit of the UK, it's hard to imagine Summer 2015...and of course there is the painful knowledge that these looks won't be on the shelves for another year (sob). However, this lively and hugely varied collection is still worth a look, even if it only starts the wishlist for next year.

I love the crescent moon accessories that pop up in many of the looks, combined with some of Chanel's trademark colour ways and woven materials.

But within the recognisable styles, there is a wide range of weights and effects, from floaty...

to what is almost pop-art bright.

Here are a couple of close-up shots, which give an idea of the density of the layering and materiality that makes Chanel's style so striking and unique.

With such a wealth of colour and effect, there's no doubt that the ideas are still flowing, and Chanel has plenty more to show off for the year ahead. I look forward to seeing the full Summer collection next year!

Images from Vogue.

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